Saturday 16 May 2020

Partizan in the Cloud - past show archives

So, Partizan in the Cloud is tomorrow!! Hope you are all looking forward to it.

To add a bit of structure to the day, we have been working hard organising all the hundreds (actually thousands) of photos from previous shows. These have been arranged by show and tomorrow starting at 10.15am we will release a show at half hourly intervals. These will not be in order, there will be old shows and new shows, the gloom of Kelham Hall and the bright lights of the Newark Showground. But hopefully they will give you something to enjoy in place of seeing the games for real.

Spread the news. Lots of lovely game piccies will be flooding t'interweb thingy tomorrow starting at 10.15am.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Partizan in the Cloud

We thought it would be a shame not to mark the date when Partizan 2020 should have been taking place, so we are proposing a very modest little celebration of wargaming stuff to be held via our Facebook page and other online outlets on the day (17th May!)

As you know, when we were transported into a tent for one year we called that event ‘Partizan in the Park’, so we thought it appropriate to echo that and call this one ‘Partizan in the Cloud.’

We know some traders like to mark events they cannot attend with special offers anyway, so this is a formalisation and expansion on that idea, and to that end we’d like to invite both traders and gamers (and societies who were attending) to join in, and we will highlight and link to items through our Facebook on the day, with a Facebook Live opening of the event, and hopefully new stuff going up through the day, depending entirely on what you can help us with!

So you might want to consider any of the following, or come up with some better ideas yourself:

VIDEOS – we thought no longer than 5 mins each – these can be tour of your game, or narrations of an After Action report of the game as played out on a club run through. For traders you might want to show things you are planning to release in time for the next Partizan, or are releasing during purdah, or things you are working on at the moment. You might want to just connect with your customers with a short message saying how much you are missing them etc… Videos might be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo for us to link to them (try and include ‘Partizan in the Cloud’ in the title if you do this!) Or you might want to do a short video clip that we can embed in the site – simple programmes like Adobe Spark Video are relatively easy to master!

BLOG SPECIALS – if you are more literary in your expressive style then maybe a special blog to mark the day? Links to these we can put up and create a bit of feedback as to how people are reacting on the day. Again, include ‘Partizan in the Cloud’ in your blog entry title if you can to help pull it all together.

PICTURE GALLERY specials – if you have a collection of pictures stored that you can allow access to on Flickr or similar, or if you’ve created some cool graphics using Comica app or something similar we can link to them during the day too. We have an Instagram account too, so we can link through that for the more visual stuff.

SPECIAL OFFERS – if traders want to do a special offer on the day, as some of you did for Not Salute Day we are happy to link to these and direct your customers to you and remind you of why they really needed more stuff!

LIVE EVENTS – Annie always does a Bad Squiddo coffee morning on Sundays, and I’ve seen some live painting sessions going on – we’re happy to incorporate these int the day, although we might need to plan timings so we don’t have you competing with each other for viewers! I’ve even seen people doing Facetime gaming in isolation, not sure if these are broadcast-able to a wider audience?

ANYTHING ELSE CREATIVE that you can think of, even Tik-Toks, though I’m not sure videos of wargamers dancing and singing is necessarily a good thing! We’re trying to keep this simple, and don’t want to pressure people to learn too many new skills (or stretch our own technical skills!), and we certainly don’t want to think you have to participate. We just want to do what we try to do on the day of a Partizan show, create a bit of a buzz, inspire people to think of new ideas, and build their enthusiasm for the hobby!

We already have offers of assistance from both Wargames Illustrated and Wargames Soldiers and Strategy to help make the event something special.

Henry Hyde will be doing a Patreon recording with me (Laurence) on Monday, and we’ll release that to the public in the build up to the online event.

Technically it’s better if you send links etc to Laurence (at – that way we can add it to the main page of the Facebook Partizan page. We’ll aim to release stuff regularly during the day, but as you may know Facebook allows you to schedule posts, so send me stuff ahead of time for release on the day so we get maximum impact and the feel for an ‘on-the-day’ event.

We hope you are able to participate and make this an isolation-busting wargames event!


Laurence, Tricks and Steve